Millinocket Lake, Maine

Millinocket Lake, Maine

Last week I had been invited to participate to the New England Intercollegiate Geological Conference (NEIGC) by Prof. Pete Thompson. That’s has been a nice opportunity to met interesting people and to learn some geology of this part of the world. The field trips were taken in Maine, around the Millinocket Lake. I leaved Durham on board of bus of University of New Hampshire with colleagues and students and after almost 4 hours driving, finally arrived at Big Moos camping area.

Just jumped out from the bus I realized that I should have taken the tripod…. The stars were so brilliant and their light reflected on the undisturbed water surface of the stunning lake. I decided to take some shots despite an annoying yellow camping light… This shot was taken with Nikon D600, ISO 1600 with a Nikkor 20mm f2.8 at max aperture with 30 sec exposure.

Millinocket Lake



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